January 26, 2011

Our Week with The Poem Farm: Wednesday

A Haiku by Jessica

Flying sparks, don’t touch.
Could burn your hand, ouch, don’t touch.
Be careful, don’t touch.

Pick Me
by Nathaniel

I'm shinier than the rest
I'm roomy and colorful

Clean and sturdy
I wait for you

I need you to come to me,
Little crab

The sea of my kind
Blankets the sand

I am only one in this sea of shells
Pick me

1 comment:

Amy LV said...

Oh, Nathaniel. This is beautiful. Your third and fourth stanzas are so earnest, and the words, "The sea of my kind/Blankets the sand" are gorgeous. A shell calling out from all others, wanting to be needed. Sigh.

And Jessica! The combination of "ouch" and "touch" is very interesting. Those words look the same, but they sound different! Your repetition is powerful and such a reminder of this smallest kind of fireworks.

I'm very happy that you're both playing along, and I'm thinking you could each make quite a book of these seven poems.

See you tomorrow!