January 30, 2011

Our Week with The Poem Farm: Sunday

I'm very grateful to Amy at The Poem Farm for sharing her own poems this week and for offering comments so generously to Nathaniel and Jessica on their poems. We've really enjoyed participating in this group effort. I hope we try something like this again.

Sneeze at a Sparkler
by Jessica

On top of the fourth of July
All covered with fireworks
I lost my poor sparkler
When somebody sneezed

It rolled off my hand
And onto the grass
And then my poor sparkler
Exploded with pizazz

And then my poor sparkler
Rolled off of the hill
And there it grew into
A tree that grew sparklers

So here's a little tip:
When you're playing with a sparkler
Don't let anybody sneeze!

Watching My Crabs
by Nathaniel

Falcon-fast when in need of speed
These little critters don't need a lead

Sometimes hungry, sometimes not
Sometimes they leave their food to rot

Their constant love to explore
Is to the watcher sometimes a bore

Their tunnels are usually where they take their tour
If they meet, there might be some gore.

Scurry, scurry, scurry all day
They love to explore their life away.

1 comment:

Amy LV said...

Oh my! These both surprised me in such different and wonderful ways.

Jessica - What a funny idea and take off on such a favorite song. "Exploded with pizazz" is a truly fun line. I must admit that I would love a sparkler tree, so if I had a sparkler I might just try to sneeze on purpose!

Nathaniel - I don't know you in person, but these poems of yours have certainly revealed a very observant and scientific side. No thank you to the gore...but man, it's true. The ending is such fun. Now, time to hang these on the tank so the little guys can read!

Thank you both for participating in this challenge. I've so enjoyed it. I think your family would love THE WALDORF BOOK OF POETRY, brand new...I am ordering it for myself this week!

Your Friend in Poetry,

ps - Great shelter! We have one in our woods too!