January 29, 2011

Our Week with The Poem Farm: Saturday

I've been delighted and surprised to see the different structures and forms our kids have tried during their collaboration with The Poem Farm this week. Most surprising of all, perhaps, was to see Nathaniel take on the voice of a crab's shell or to see Jessica speak to a firework. I admire their imagination.

Philadelphia, July 4, 1777
by Jessica

Thirteen ships a-sailing
Among the waters so blue

Thirteen cannons shot out
As many people who had shed
Red blood for our country
Watched the crew

Thirteen American flags fluttered
On white sails as our nation grew

Hooray! All thirteen states are free!
And so are you and me!

What Would I Do?
by Nathaniel

What would I do if my crabs grew three times their size every day?
What would I do if my crabs started spitting up clay?
What would I do if my crabs killed each other in a duel?
What would I do if my crabs tore up my sheets while I was at school?

What would I do if they fell down the loo?
What would I do? What would I do?


Amy LV said...

Dear Jessica and Nathaniel, What a joy it's been to read your poems each day. Today each of you did something interesting: you wrote list poems. Notice how each of your poems lists different things and then turns at the end, a "list with a twist!" Nathaniel - check on the right hand sidebar of my blog for the contest at PETS ADD LIFE. It ends Monday, I think, but you could easily send your favorite crab poem. Thank you for today's offerings! A.

Michael Hardt said...

Thanks for suggesting Pets Add Life, Amy. Unfortunately Nathaniel is in sixth grade this year, so he's just too old for it. Jessica, on the other hand, has a fish. She's going to give it a try.