October 09, 2008

A Chip Off the Old Block

From my lovely spouse:

As we were doing our writing exercise this morning Jessica asked how to spell the word pretty. This was about her fifteenth spelling inquiry, and it was really slowing us down. (Also, she's an excellent speller and was doing this for dramatic effect. But I digress.)

I told her we'd make all corrections after we read what we'd written and she said, "But I can't. I'd just die if I don't spell it right." I retorted, "Well, we'll give you a lovely funeral and on your headstone we'll inscribe, 'If only she knew how to spell pretty.'"

At this point Nathaniel popped up and said, "Yeah and we'll spell the word wrong just as a joke."


Cori said...

Mr. Hardt, please excuse me for posting on your blog, but I do have a question regarding an mp3 watch that I have and I noticed that you left a review for the same one and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me figure out how to get it to work as I cannot find any technical support anywhere on the web.

Jennifer said...

Made me laugh out loud!

Michael Hardt said...

Thanks, Jennifer; me, too.