December 27, 2006

The Very Short Carnival of Kid Comedy

I have the honor of hosting the Carnival of Kid Comedy this week, but I'm afraid that I've had only one submission.

(And still I'm a day late in posting it!)

Perhaps we're all enjoying our kids instead of writing about them this Christmas.

Allow me to link to one of my favorite bloggers, David of Bruggie Tales. I don't know how he finds the time to spend with his many children and to write regularly about them, too, but he does, and in a clean, wry voice. On Christmas Eve he wrote about his five-year-old's plans for marriage.

We're having a wonderful Christmas (I hang on to all twelve days of it), and hope you are, too.


DavidofOz said...

Thanks for the accolade.
I make the time to post on a reasonably regular basis as Bruggie Tales is a family history, amongst other purposes.
Enjoy the full 12 days. It's compulsory!

Patricia from Pollywog Creek said...

I think you are right about the "enjoying their kids part". I'll bet if you were hosting the carnival next week, there will be a plethora of stories to tell!

Have a blessed New Year!

Michael Hardt said...

I'm looking forward to the next carnival, too. I'm trying to make notes on what the kids do.

Suni said...

yes I am guilty of enjoying his antics more than posting about them this season. Maybe I will have something worth laughing at for the next carnival! I will be looking out for it.