May 01, 2006

Pangea and the Colonies

This is the risk of homeschooling your kids, in a microcosm:

This afternoon Nathaniel and I were hiking up Bear Mountain. We had been singing It's Christmas at Ground Zero in the car (one of my favorites), and he was still humming it. He was leading (as always), and he missed a turn in the trail.

I set him straight, but he blamed the painted marker on the tree. Whoever paints the trails had missed this tree for at least a season, so there were just a few faded bits of paint on the bark where there should have been a neat yellow rectangle.

"Look at this paint!" he said shaking his head. "They should redo this. It's all broken apart. It's pangea!" He started chortling. "It's like the United States went backwards and became thirteen colonies again."

Then he laughed so hard at his own joke I had to stop until he collected himself.

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