February 26, 2006

Highlights of last week's trip to New York City, in order of importance to Nathaniel and Jessica:
  1. Sighting a live rat in the subway tunnels. "A real rat!" cried Nathaniel, pointing excitedly from the platform among hundreds of jaded Manhattanites intently tuned to their iPods.

  2. Grafitti: "Sometimes they have pictures, and sometimes they're just words."

  3. A boxy, yellow ferry that the children sighted as we tried to direct their gaze to the Statue of Liberty: "It's the Magic School Bus!"

  4. Trash deposited onto the sidewalk in front of businesses.

  5. Burglar bars on windows.

  6. Construction of some sort on every corner.

Their list might not exactly match ours (a broadway play, the shrine of St. Elizabeth Seton, the site of the World Trade Center, Hassidic and Polish neighborhoods in Brooklyn . . . ) but learning takes many forms. At least that's what we're telling ourselves.

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DavidofOz said...

Our children also noticed the trash in the streets and buildings tall and surrounding us as we drove through Manhattan. They remember glimpsing the Statue of Liberty as we made a number of wrong turns and we were all glad to discover Long Island.
It's good travelling with children. I think we see more and differnt sights.