December 16, 2005

Tracking Books

Finishing a book is an achievement for any of us. Some books have taken me months to read, and I've started Middlemarch twice and Tristram Shandy three times, so I'm quite pleased with myself when I actually put down a completed book.

Unsurprisingly, our kids take pride in finishing books too. That's why we decided this morning to start tracking every book they read. Camille's keeping a chart for each child. Every book that they begin goes onto their charts. When a book is completed, a star goes up next to it. Camille displays the posters prominently on the kitchen wall--along with the many, many other education-related displays on the kitchen walls. . . .

I'd like to track the kids' reading on the web, as well, so we can share their lists with friends and family. I can think of two ways to do this. I could just post their information onto this blog or someplace on my website. Alternatively, I might have them start keeping personal lists on Amazon.

Either way, it would be fun (and motivating) for them to be able to call up their lists on Grandma's computer next time they visit.

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